Bow Bread Knife

What is a Bow Bread Knife?

So you may have been asking yourself, ‘What is a bow bread knife’ and why does it look like a vegetable peeler! In our latest article, we explain what bow bread knives are, how they came about and why they are and essential kitchenware item if you love fresh-baked, sliced bread. Bow Bread Knives (also known as fiddle bow knives; bread saw knives or Appalachian bread knives) get their name due to their unique shape that is similar to that …

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Christmas Delivery

Christmas Shopping & Shipping

In the year like no other, the Christmas buying season is shaping up to be a little different also with many of us buying online. And this year, just in time for Christmas we are offering FREE DELIVERY Australia-wide on most items. Australia-Post has this year provided guidance on delivery times and cut-offs for parcels to be delivered across Australia before the 25th December. In line with the guidelines from Australia Post, we recommend that you purchase online at Timbo’s Shop …

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Oval Shaker Box #4 with flowers

What are Shaker Boxes used for?

Shaker boxes are beautiful and unique but naturally, customers do ask “what would I use one for?” Also known as ‘pantry boxes’, Shaker Boxes are beautiful 18th-century storage boxes made using bentwood timber techniques, handmade copper rivets and their unique structure to create a strong and seamless storage container. Traditionally, the Shaker communities of North America made and used these oval-shaped boxes purely for utility purposes such as storing a range of dry household items. Items traditionally stored in Shaker …

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The unique making of Shaker Boxes

Shaker Boxes are both unique and distinctive. From their oval shape, seamless construction and veneer-like wood to the fine but practical details of the copper rivets and wooden dowels. Shaker boxes originated in the early 1700s within the Shaker communities of North America and were designed for everyday, practical uses around the home – from dry pantry ingredients and kitchen items to small craft supplies, sewing items and parts for the workshops. Timbo’s Shop is now bringing this beautiful craft …

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Australia’s largest selection of Amish Quilts

Amish and Mennonite quilts have long been known for their beautiful designs, workmanship and durability to last a lifetime.  Amish Quilts are more than just linen, they tell a story, share a memory or commemorate a milestone.  Taking days to make and years of training to make, Amish Quilts are made to heirloom quality making them ideal to signify special events such as marriages, births and milestone birthdays and hand down through generations as an heirloom. Timbo’s Shop has hand-selected authentic …

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