Bucket Bench in American Walnut

Traditional Amish style ‘Bucket Bench’ in American Walnut.
(In-store purchase only)


This traditional Bucket Bench has been crafted by Tim Legg in our Brisbane workshop using solid American Walnut and in the style typically found in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA.

American Walnut is a hardwood timber that has been the timber of choice for creating premium, high-quality furniture and cabinet making and features fine, generally straight grain with the occasion curly or wavy pattern. Due to the hardwearing nature and dark colouring of the wood, it has been the timber of choice for Bucket Benches.

Bucket Benches date back to the 1800s – before indoor plumbing. Traditionally, the bucket bench could be found on the porch or outside the kitchen windows. On the benches sat buckets of well-drawn water for quick access from the kitchen for doing dishes, cleaning the home, and cooking meals. Bucket Benches are built to be sturdy, utilitarian objects and in today’s homes, they can also be used as both a functional and decorative piece in home entryways, kitchens, dining rooms, laundries and hallways.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the size and weight of this item, Free Shipping offer does not apply, however, we do want to work with you to arrange the best delivery/collection option for you.

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