Bow Bread Knife: American Walnut

Cut the perfect slice of bread every time with this handcrafted bread knife with a carbon steel blade.


This handcrafted American Walnut bread knife is designed to cut the perfect slice of bread – every time!  The unique handle design works as a thickness guide, while the quality Carbon Steel blade cuts even the softest hot bread with ease.

Pair this bread knife with one of our serving platters or chopping boards for the perfect gift.

The benefits of using an American Walnut Bow Bread Knife:

  • Ensures a perfect even slice every time!
  • Cuts hot fresh bread straight out of the oven or bread maker – without squashing it!
  • Cuts even and straighter slices every time
  • Requires minimum pressure therefore no more squashed bread!
  • Uses a simple sawing back and forth motion with ease
  • Will easily cut …
    1. Hard, soft and crusty bread
    2. Buns, bagels and paninis
    3. Fruit, vegetables and cheese as well

Bow Bread Knives date back to 1800’s America.  Learn more about these unique knives in our article “What is a Bow Bread Knife?


Weight .15 kg
Dimensions 39 × 3.5 × 2.5 cm
Bow Bread Knife

Right handed Bow Bread Knife, Left handed Bow Bread Knife


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