What are Shaker Boxes used for?

Oval Shaker Box #4 with flowers

Shaker boxes are beautiful and unique but naturally, customers do ask “what would I use one for?”

Also known as ‘pantry boxes’, Shaker Boxes are beautiful 18th-century storage boxes made using bentwood timber techniques, handmade copper rivets and their unique structure to create a strong and seamless storage container.

Traditionally, the Shaker communities of North America made and used these oval-shaped boxes purely for utility purposes such as storing a range of dry household items.

Items traditionally stored in Shaker boxes:

  • Dry pantry ingredients such as teas, spices, herbs and grains
  • Small workshop parts and tools such as nails, rivets or screws
  • Sewing and needlecraft equipment including threads, buttons or needles
  • Craft items including paint pigments, brushes or pots

While storage solutions in our modern world have come a long way – many of them are not aesthetically pleasing, not environmentally sustainable and likely to be hidden in cupboards until thrown out.

Shaker boxes (unlike today’s modern plastic storage options), offer function and beauty – enabling you to store sentiment, precious or everyday items in a secure, durable container. Their beauty and craftsmanship means you will be proud to display them as a feature in your home be it modern, traditional, minimalist or utilitarian. Handmade using traditional methods and materials, a shaker box will become a treasured and versatile piece in your home.


What would we use them for today?

desk storage ideas
desk storage ideas
what are shaker boxes used for
Shaker box with business cards
Shaker box with business cards
Shaker Boxes with beads
Shaker Boxes and keys

The most obvious use today is to display them in all their beauty as a statement piece on a shelf, hall table, bench or buffet. Here are some other practical suggestions of how Shaker Boxes can be used around the modern home and office for both function and minimalist beauty.

In the Bedroom or Wardrobe

  • Jewellery
  • Family heirlooms such as brooches or rings
  • Silk scarves
  • Hair clips and fascinators
  • Cuff links or watches

In the office or home desk:

  • USB sticks storage
  • Business card box
  • Paper clips or fastener container

Around the home:

  • Spare buttons, beads and craft pieces
  • Mending or sewing kits
  • Spare keys or locks
  • Spare or loose coins
  • Serving napkins
  • Family photos
  • Chess, card or game board pieces

At events:

  • Adding touches to country, rustic or farm style events
  • Wedding theme or table decorations
  • Wedding ring boxes
  • Wedding favour gift boxes for the bridal party
  • Wishing well / donation box
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Stacked Shaker Boxes in the home.
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Beautiful for theming events or weddings.
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The original plastic-free storage solution!
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We would love to see or hear how you would use a Shaker Box in your home, office or event!

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