What is a Bow Bread Knife?

Bow Bread Knife

So you may have been asking yourself, ‘What is a bow bread knife’ and why does it look like a vegetable peeler!

In our latest article, we explain what bow bread knives are, how they came about and why they are and essential kitchenware item if you love fresh-baked, sliced bread.

Bow Bread Knives (also known as fiddle bow knives; bread saw knives or Appalachian bread knives) get their name due to their unique shape that is similar to that of a violinist/fiddlers bow.

The origins of the ‘bow or saw’ knife can be traced back hundreds of years to the Appalachian Mountain region in North America. The Appalachian people were known for their self-sufficiency and living a simple way of life.  The people in this region were mostly ‘cut off’ from the rest of North America by the mountains themselves, leading to self-sufficiency and invention of practical household items due to necessity, and at times, scarcity.  The Appalachian people used bows to make all manner of household tools, saws and knives to use in their everyday life. 

The Bow Bread knife has a very identifiable wooden bow shape which is a strong, long handle as well as a slicing guide plus a serrated carbon steel knife blade.  The tension in the blade (due to how it is secured on the handle) aids the strength and durability of the knife blade.

The benefits of using a Bow Bread Knife:

  • Ensures a perfect even slice every time!
  • Cuts hot fresh bread straight out of the oven or bread maker – without squashing it!
  • Cuts even and straighter slices every time
  • Requires minimum pressure therefore no more squashed bread!
  • Uses a simple sawing back and forth motion with ease
  • Will easily cut …
    • Hard, soft and crusty bread
    • Buns, bagels and paninis
    • Fruit, vegetables and cheese as well


bow bread knife
Easy, consistent slicing


Features of a Timbo’s Shop Bow Knife:

  • Carefully selected hardwoods
  • Carbon steel blade
  • Large 39cm (base of handle to tip)

At Timbo’s Shop, our entire family are passionate about bringing you practical and beautiful old-world inspired homewares and gifts.  Our products are handmade in Brisbane using traditional methods and materials.  Learn more about our small family business.




Feature image source: https://www.woodstore.net/

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