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Walnut Thor Hammer

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Try our Walnut Thor Hammer and feel the awesome quality in your hand. Our Thor Hammers come in a variety of timber types. This hammer includes American Walnut with an American Walnut handle.

American Walnut timber is a beautiful mid to dark timber. A few precision cuts allow the block of Walnut to turn it into the head of the hammer. The head is then sanded and the handle attached. We, then, apply a special oil to our hammers. As a result, the different timbers take on a new shine as we coat them with the oil. Before long you have a beautifully, handmade hammer with a unique design.

The Thor Hammer finds its origins in the mythical story of the Norse god, Thor. Thor used to his hammer to destroy his foes in battle with other mythical creatures. Thor's popularity as a pagan god seems to have reached its height during the reign of the Vikings during the 1000s. However, with the rise of Christianity in these areas, Thor lost his popularity. During this time, many of the objects associated with his worship were destroyed. Due to this eradication of the religion, much of the known knowledge about Thor comes from Iceland. It was here that groups of his followers fled and maintained the Norse religions. Today, the Thor Hammer's popularity increased through the production of Marvel movies.

At Timbo's Shop, our goal is to make your home a warm and welcoming place where family and friends can gather. Our product adds warmth and welcome through its solid timber construction and appeasing looks. See the rest of our range of Thor Hammers. Buy a Walnut Thor Hammer today!