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Amish Throw Rug 'Double Wedding Ring'

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Double Wedding Ring is a beautiful, one of a kind Amish Throw Rug and is designed and produced by the Amish quilters from Lancaster County Pennsylvania, USA.  This linen comes in a beautifully handcrafted Amish Throw Rug size. This elegant quilt features hand quilting, cotton fabric and polyester wadding.

Size: 152.4cmW x 152.4cmL (60"x60")

Amish Throw Rugs differ from quilts in size and purpose. They tend to be smaller and designed for keeping you warm on the couch. An Amish Throw Rug brings an essence of warmth and welcome to a home. We at Timbo's Shop purchased a personal throw rug for our home. Often, one of our family members claims the throw rug and wraps themselves in it whilst relaxing in the evening after work.