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Oval Shaker Sewing Box #7

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Treat yourself or a loved one with our Oval Shaker Sewing Box #7. Our sewing box is ideal for holding needles, threads, scissors, etc. The Oval Shaker Sewing Box is based on our Oval Shaker Boxes, which are produced by our Shaker box maker, Jude Legg. We make our boxes by using traditional shaping methods, American Cherry timber and authentic copper rivets sourced from Shaker Suppliers in Mount Lebanon, USA. The Shakers constructed the original Shaker boxes with Cherry, which is why we have selected it. American Cherry timber bends well due to its flexible nature. This flexibility makes it perfect for building the Oval Shaker Box.


The Oval Shaker Box originated in the early 1700s within the Shaker communities of the USA. The Shakers produced many types of furniture and homewares, including Shaker boxes. These beautifully handcrafted oval storage boxes helped to store everyday items used around the home. They stored items such as dry pantry ingredients and kitchen items to small craft supplies, and parts for workshops. Shaker Boxes are not only beautiful, but are unique in their sturdy construction. This is due to their design, which uses veneer-like wood thickness, copper rivets and wooden pins. We ensure our Shaker boxes are smooth by giving them a light sand to remove sharp edges. We finish the boxes with a light coat of citrus scented oil to preserve the timber.

Timbo's Shop's Boxes

The Oval Shaker Sewing Box #7 possesses an heirloom quality design. While Shaker box craftsman produce these boxes mostly in the states, Timbo's Shop brought this timeless design to Australia. Timbo's Shop seeks to make the home a warm, welcoming place where friends and family can gather. Our range of Oval Shaker boxes bring an element of warmth and a welcoming feeling to your home.